Maximize Potential

Does your Discipline Program:
1)  Provide specific strategies for students to learn how to change behavior? 
     No?  Geode does!

2)  Provide students an emotional distancing and self-reflective time in order
     to think through responsible choices that will result in more
     positive consequences?
     No?  Geode does!

3)  Provide support to parents of students in discipline?
     No?  Geode does!

4)  Do all these things without necessarily requiring hours of time and
     attention from your staff?
     No?  Geode does!

Take a look at the
Geode Discipline Series and see if you think this program could help your at-risk students.  Read comments from students
who have completed lessons.

No One Wants To Be A Failure . . .

Especially our youth. The basic purpose of education is to provide those skills necessary for success now and in the future. Those skills include both academic development as well as character development.  By definition, students in your school's discipline program need more help.  The Geode Discipline Series is designed to help them succeed.

Will Your School Be Next?
Each day the media reports violent acts, gangs, fighting, irresponsible behavior and disrespect for others as running rampant in our schools.

Geode Educational Services is composed of a team of educators, psychologists and corporate trainers who understand the root causes of irresponsible and disrespectful behaviors and have developed a program that addresses issues with which our students struggle.  More cameras, more police officers, more metal detectors are not the answer.  Students must be taught strategies and techniques that will propel them to be internally motivated to make choices that result in positive outcomes.

Don’t wait until your school hits the headlines Contact Geode TODAY!