Maximize Potential

Comments From Students Who Have Experienced GDS Lessons:

“I learned that the choices we make on our own will be the driving
factor in whether we are successful in life.”
                                                                       Female, 11th grade

“I learned to listen to other’s point of view and respect it.”
                                                                       Male, 8th grade

“I will apply what I learned by doing more reading and writing.”
                                                                       Male, 10th grade

“If I apply what I learned, the results will be good behavior which will
help me have better grades.”
                                                                       Female, 9th grade

“I learned that if I am more responsible people will trust me more.”
                                                                       Female, 7th grade

“I can apply what I learned from this lesson by thinking about my
options when I am in a similar situation.”
                                                                        Male, 10th grade

“I learned that school is like a job and you don’t want to mess up.”
                                                                        Male, 9th grade

“I learned how to write a story.”
                                                                        Female, 6th grade

“I learned that fighting will not solve anything.  I learned to do my best.”
                                                                        Male , 8th grade