Maximize Potential

Our Purpose In The Geode Discipline Series Is To:

•    Provide an alternative to traditional educational discipline methods whereby students work through lessons that systematically provide methods for analyzing situations, reflecting on choices and consequences, and learning new skills that result in making better choices.

 •    Break the Cycle of Failure that is a result of repetitive behavioral actions.  Unfortunately, traditional discipline processes do not provide an opportunity for the student to be taught new skills and techniques that will assist in preventing future discipline incidents. The cycle usually continues until the student gets into serious trouble requiring sentencing or just drops out of school.

•    Empower students through character development.

•    Provide information to assist students in breaking old habits and replacing them with new options that produce positive results.

•    Provide an opportunity for students who come from dysfunctional homes and neighborhoods to take control of their destiny by learning the importance of responsible choices that facilitate success in school and in life.

•    Challenge students to take the time necessary to reflect on their actions and the resulting consequences for themselves as well as others.

•    Assist students in understanding the importance of respectful and responsible behavior as it relates to their success now and throughout their life.