Maximize Potential

Corporate & Individual Sponsorship

Organizations and private individuals who are dedicated to supporting education are signing up to sponsor schools that want to use the Geode Discipline Series and the Geode Leadership Series of lessons.  These contributions are tax deductible.

Follow these simple steps, and a Geode representative will be in touch to help
start the process.

1. Complete the Sponsorship Application Form online.
2. A Geode representative will contact you to confirm the information in your
    application, to discuss how your contribution will be used and how you or
    organization will be recognized for your contribution.
3. A Geode representative will contact the school(s) you or your organization
    will be sponsoring, extend your offer, and explain how the lessons will be used.
4. You will receive an email with instructions for delivering your tax-deductible
    contribution to the appropriate school district representative.
5. When Geode receives notification from the school of your contribution,
    the Geode lessons will be delivered.